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Company Profile
Shanghai Xin Yi model design and manufacture, Ltd. is a professional display model making factory, the company is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai, China, was founded in 2010, Xin Yi focused on the design and manufacture of models, has standardized processing equipment and first-class model design production staff, with modern production and processing equipment and more than a decade technician model, to ensure that each product can be on time, high-quality finish.
Xin Yi concentrate on manufacturing yacht ship models, marine engineering models, industrial machinery model building sand table model, Transformers model, model cars, model airplanes, military model gift model, model robots, medical equipment and other static model, dynamic model (sound , light, electricity) multimedia model, our model of global sales.
Xin Yi customized modeling solutions, and get customer acceptance, our professional team is finalizing the model produced within the stipulated time and place designated security service customers, our service will be in the product warranty period within the model maintenance.
Shanghai Xin Yi model, the integrity of the first place, from the long-term perspective, mutual benefit, Seiko doing fine, yet quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery. Under the science and technology are primary productive forces guidance, we put people and technology combine to create a different model of the world, Shanghai Yi-hsin is willing to focus on the cause of the common development of model friends for a better future.


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